"Travel, they say, improves the mind...
An irritating platitude,
and frankly, entre nous -
very far from true..."
Noel Coward

Well, that's as may be, Mr Coward.

However, Cassie & Selwyn have been delighted and privileged to enjoy many superb travel experiences, and these pages capture just a few of those. Some of the earlier ones (before digital photography) feature simply an article that was written (often for the ubiquitous parish magazine) about our experiences; later offerings include photo albums.

Many of our holidays have been spent in our beloved France; we love to drive our own car, self-cater in beautiful and reasonably-priced gîtes and use a couple of small pensions on our way up and down the country. Some holidays have been more unusual and exotic, and one of those - four weeks in several states of the USA at the start of Selwyn's ministerial sabbatical in late 2012 - has prompted the redesign of this sadly neglected website. And yes, there have been lots of adventures between 2002 and 2012 - these will be added as soon as time permits.

An introductory page is shown for each holiday, and from that page you'll find links to the photo gallery, or galleries, where available. Holidays before 2005 were recorded on good old-fashioned film, so there will (a) be rather fewer images, and (b) those that are there are scanned and hence of lower quality.

It's all terribly self-indulgent, and we only publish it on the basis that you are at liberty to hop in and out of our memories as you please...

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